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檢索範例(Search Tips)
檢索範例(Search Tips)
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Title Search Tips
Content Welcome to WebPac2.0 new book exhibition, its major functions are: searching for all type of materials in the library including books, Journal, audio-visual material & etc, and also patron web 2.0 services such as recommendation, comments, tagging & my collection.
(1) Choose search type:
Keywords anywhere, title, author or publisher.
(2) Enter words to search for Quick search:
You may enter the exact words or few words it contains.
Browsing for a author: When browsing for a author, please enter the first one or few word(s)/character(s) of the author name and then click “Browsing”.

(3) Results list:
The results list usually contains titles, authors, introductions and patron interaction records. Click the title to see detailed information and holding status. Use advance search to refine the search and limit the results if getting too many results by quick keyword search.

(4) Print:
Please use the print funtion of your browser to print out the information.

Date 2008/11/12